BheemKund – The Mystery of Turquoise Water Kund

turquoise water
BheemKund - The Turquoise Water Kund (Image: Source)

Do you know that there is a Turquoise (Transparent) water Kund (tank or water reservoir) in India since Mahabharata times?

Yes, there is a place in heart of Incredible India - Madhya Pradesh known as BheemKund (Bhimkund) located near Bajna village in Chattarpur district in Madhya Pradesh. This is 77 kms. away from the Chattarpur district by road in Bundelkhand region.

Bheemkund also known as Neelkund is a natural water source and a holy place in India during Mahabharata kaal (times). The water of kund is so clean, transparent that you can clearly see fishes playing in the water.

bhimkund chattarpur
The Turquoise Water of Bheemkund (Image: Source)

According to stories this kund is associated with Mahabharata time, when Pandavas were in their exile (Vanvas) they visited this place at that time Draupadi (wife of Pandavas) felt thirsty and asked for water, Pandavas started searching for water reservoir but unfortunately they haven’t found any source, that time Bheem - the strongest man on earth (according to holy Mahabharata) smashed the earth with full strength from his mace (Gada – made of metal with spherical head mounted on a shaft, with a spike on the top) and water comes out of the place. That’s why this Kund is known as Bheemkund (Bhimkund).

There is saying that depth of Bheemkund is limitless/endless and till date no one is able to find the actual depth of Bheemkund. Few years ago a team from Discovery channel visited Bheemkund and tried to calculate depth of kund but unable to do so.

Locals here believe that Bheemkund is also an indicator of upcoming natural calamities. At the time of Tsunami in 2004 the water level here rose by 15 feet and same is the case at the time of Nepal or other earthquakes.

People also believe that water of this kund (tank) is so pure (holy) that anyone who bath here on the day of Makar sankranti will be free from all sins. The water of Bheemkund is turquoise blue; clean, transparent despite several people comes here daily for a holy bath.

natural water reservoir
Bheemkund (Image: Source)

How to Reach:

By Rail – There is no railway station near Bajna village in less than 10 kms. However Bina Junction is the major railway station at a distance of 137 kms connected to all major zones.

By Air – Khajuraho Airport is the nearest to Bheemkund at a distance of 92 kms.

By RoadTake a taxi from Khajuraho or Chattarpur town to reach Bheemkund, The distance from Khajuraho to Bheemkund via road is 92 kms. and from Chattarpur town is 77 kms. Taxis are easily available from these places.

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