The Cursed Kiradu Temples - Khajuraho of Rajasthan

Do you know there is a temple in Barmer, Rajasthan where no one dares to stay overnight?

Temples of Cursed Kiradu city
The Kiradu Temples (Image : Source)
This place is known as cursed Kiradu Temples - this place is cursed and people here believes that if any human who dares to stay here overnight or visit after sunset turns into a stone.

The Kiradu Temples of Rajasthan earlier known as “Kiradkot” are series of five beautiful temples in Thar Desert, located 40 kms away from Barmer district of Rajasthan in Hatma village. The city is known as city of temples or Unexplored Khajuraho of Rajasthan.

Kiradu cursed temples
The Khajuraho of Rajasthan (Image : Source)

Kiradu was a region ruled by Kirad clan of Rajputs, during 6th to 8th centuries. Back then and till a long time thereafter, it was called Kiradkot. Influence of Gujarati culture is quite evident, the reason of which is that Kirads were also the feudal subordinates of Chalukya, Gujarat. Some temples dedicated to Lord Shiva show evidences of Gupta period. As per archaeological department, Kiradu was once a very prosperous city in 11th & 12th centuries. It was ruled by the King Someshwar of the Parmar Dynasty and that time it was capital of Parmar Dynasty. This place was destroyed by Turushkas invaders and was restored later on. However due to its location, it was never safe from the foreign invaders. Subsequently, this town situated at the foothills of beautiful mountains was deserted.

Kiradu temples, barmer
Kiradu Temples (Image : Source)

The city is reduced to remnants of five temples dedicated to Lord Shiva & Vishnu, one is dedicated to Lord Vishnu & rest belongs to Lord Shiva, The Someshvara temple is considered a prime one. It is the largest of five and belongs of Lord Shiva. The temple structures are made of sandstone and hence they are still in considerably good shape. The architectural style of the temple belongs to Solanki style.

Kiradu Temples
Someshvara Temple of Kiradu (Image:Source)

Kiradu temples Barmer
Shiva Parvati - Kiradu Temples (Image: Source)
Legend and some myths say that a saint who stays here with his disciple (student) cursed this place that entire kingdom to turns into stone. The story behind this curse is “one day saint decided to explore the region and went off without letting his students know. The students faithfully waited for their teacher, though, in the meanwhile were struck by some deadly disease. However, none of the villagers turned up for their recovery. It was only a potter’s wife who served them unconditionally and helped them regain health. Barmer Rajasthan news which has visited the site says that as the saint returned and found his students in terrible shape, he got so angry that he cursed the entire region to be destroyed and the people to turn to stone. The saint told the potter’s wife that the curse would not affect her, and told her to return back as soon as possible, taking care that should not turn back to see the place. However, as the emotional and terrified lady started her trip back to her home, she faltered and turned back to have one last look, which immediately turned her to stone. As per locals here, the stone statue of this lady is till date standing nearby. It is now said that anyone visiting the region after sunset would turn to stone. Also, since it was an easy location, it was later on overtaken by the Britishers as well. With continuous invasion, the resident of this heritage city soon deserted the beautiful city.

the cursed kiradu temples
The Cursed Kiradu Temples (Image : Source)
The place is still unexplored and uncared for, you will hardly find any human or tourist here. The site is guarded by a forever-locked gate, the only entrance possible is a small rusty gate close to main entrance.  No guard to open the gate, visitors will have to push open the smaller gate. Once you are in you’ll be welcomed by a hoard of goats freely grazing.

There are a few mysteries surrounding Kiradu, which was first brought to public notice at a grand level by an MTV reality-adventure show, Roadies XI, post which the site has gradually recording some occasional tourists. Few days back a team of News Nation also visited this place with Indian Paranormal Society to find truth behind these stories, and they are surprised to record paranormal activities & amount of negative energies here. This also confirmed that the place is really not safe to visit after sunset.

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