The Mysterious NidhiVan Temple - Where Gods Appears Daily!!!

India is the only place in the earth where you will find most mysterious places. Some are still unknown or unexplored to most of us.

I am sure we all have heard about Beautiful Nidhivan temple in Vrindavan, Mathura district. Place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days also called Bankey Bihari Temple. But do you know mystery behind it?

Nidhivan is a Bankey Bihari Temple, Bankey Bihari or Murlidhar, Kanha, Giridhar, Leeladhar and are just few names of Lord Krishna. Shree Krishna is believed to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Shree Krishna was the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudev.

mysterious places of India
Twisted trees at Nidhivan - Image Courtesy : Source

NidhiVan is a sacred temple of Bankey Bihari in Vrindavan. The major part of the temple is surrounded with huge busy forests. The Temple derives its name from Nidhi meaning Treasure and Van meaning forest. Everywhere greenery and twisted trees. A very amazing thing about the forest that you can see as well is; all the roots, branches and the trunk of the trees are hollow. There is nothing life-giving inside it; also the land at the temple is really dry - still the twigs and leaves remain lively and green throughout the year.
mystery behind nidhivan temple
Nidhivan Trees or Krishna Gopi's - Image Courtesy : Source 

There are many interesting stories or myths behind it. It is believed that Lord Krishna comes here every night and performs spiritual activities (RasLila) with Radha and all his gopis. Inside the temple there is a beautifully ornamented statue of Lord Krishna and Radha (Radhe-Krishna Idol). The park that surrounds temple is covered with small trees known as VanaTulsi (Basil Trees). As per the myth, Swami Haridas was a divine sage and a great devotee of lord Krishna. Seeing Haridas’s devotion, spiritual desires and hard reparation, Lord Krishna appeared in front of him. The place where Lord Krishna appeared is now known as PrakatyaSathal (place of appearance of Shree Bankey Bihari Ji).

The Nidhivan temple is closed after the evening prayer as it is believed that Lord Krishna & Radha appear here at the every night to perform their spiritual activities (Ras Leela). If anyone sees these activities he/she becomes dumb, deaf, and blind or may be even dies. The person is not found hale and hearty in the morning to disclose the spiritual secret of Lord Radha Krishna, Inside the Rang Mahal priest daily puts two toothbrushes, a saree, bangles, paan leaves, some holy water in jug with four sweets (Laddoo) and ready bed after aarti in the night, but in the morning everything is found scattered and seen as if someone has used it and paan leaves are chewed so after evening aarati, no one is allowed inside the premise. Even all the monkeys that stay there leave Nidhivan after evening aarti.

mysterious places in india
Mysterious NidhiVan, Vrindavan -  Image Courtesy : Source 

The natives of the place, the priest and care-takers are very well aware of the miracles. After the evening aarti, all the windows in front of Nidhivan temple gets closed till morning worship. Nobody dares to see Radhe-Krishna Rasleela. Many natives also claimed to have heard the sound of Ghungroos (Musical Anklet) at night.

Another mysterious factor of Nidhivan is the shape and size of the trees covered this place. All the trees are very short and intertwined to each other. Almost all of these trees are of same size and shape. The trees are believed to be Gopis, and their intertwined shape depicts the love between themselves. There is no sign of birds nest or some insect on tree. The Holy place and trees are said to be favourite of Lord Krishna. It is said that whatsoever worship here is benefited immensely.   

mystery behind nidhivan temple
The Mysterious Trees at NidhiVan Temple - Image Courtesy : Source

Many historians and scientists, had visited Nidhivan to unlock mystery behind it but came back convinced that this place really house the Lord. So if you are planning your next trip to a mysterious or religious place, my suggestion to must visit Mysterious Nidhivan Temple.

How to reach Mysterious NidhiVan Temple:

By Air
Agra is the nearest airport from Vrindavan that is around 67 Kms away. Regular Flights connect Agra to important destinations in India such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. From the airport, you can hire a taxi to take you to Vrindavan. The Nearest International Airport is Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi (terminal III) which is 150 kms. away.

By Rail
The Nearest major railway station is Mathura that is only 15 kms away from Vrindavan. Several express trains connect Mathura from other major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Agra.

By Bus
Vrindavan is well connected to Mathura and all other important tourist destinations by bus services and is placed on direct road link from Delhi and Agra. Getting to Vrindavan from Mathura is very easy with the option of taking the frequent buses, shared tempos or taxis that are available throughout the day.

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